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Dedicated to delivering secure integrated payment technology and providing best in class credit card processing services, BluePay is the only payment processor endorsed by the American Banking Association.  Trusted by over 76,000 businesses, processing 21 $ Billion annually with over 460 software platform integrations, BluePay was acquired by First Data Corporation (FDC) in Q4 of 2017. FDC, a publicly traded company on the NYSE, is the world's largest payment processor.
 Keyway is focused on bringing the BluePay value proposition to sectors within the hospitality industry as well as other networks and industry segments.

Signature clients  within the hospitality industry include Maritz, Experient, SimpleView, Destinations International, IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions & Events), Emerald Expositions , Allied PRA, Maui Jim, eTouches and Community Brands. In the growing medical field, Coherent Eye Care, has aligned with the BluePay partner program.

By joining the FDC family through BluePay, Keyway will be bringing a global brand and world leader in payment processing to it's network in 2018. FDC processes over 4.6T annually and is the recognized leader globally. No opportunity or challenge will be too large, too complex or too tough with FDC's renewed commitment to the hospitality industry.


The Power Of Preparedness, LLC ("TPOP"), provides next-generation eLearning solutions for corporations, events/exhibitions, educational facilities and houses of worship. Their new course, "Think & Survive: Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Preparedness", delivers comprehensive and engaging training across almost any internet connected device. TPOP partners with state-of-the-art learning management system providers, so the cloud-based platform requires absolutely no IT support. TPOP's  subject matter experts deliver the OSHA-aligned content in short, easily consumed and remembered videos, followed by equally short quizzes, an approach scientifically proven to maximize retention. Monthly email reminders and bi-annual content updates keep the latest studies and trends top-of-mind. In short, TPOP has created is the single best solution on the market. For more information on TPOP, please contact us


MSA is focused on delivering the most effective safety and security solutions to the meetings and exhibitions industry, conference and show owners and service contractors.  A key component of their offering is the use of  Explosive Detection Canine Units like OLIVE! 
Unlike traditional security canine offerings, MSA's security dogs could be your most favorite family pet. MSA features Golden and Labrador Retrievers that love people and will be a "lovable/brand ambassador" for any organization during their event or tradeshow. MSA's client include MLB, NFL, FBI and a host of other nationally recognized brands/organizations.

For more information on how MSA can provide the protection your event needs, please contact us